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The mayor released Benga to the custody of Reverend James M. Gordon, who supervised the Howard Colored Orphan Asylum in Brooklyn and made him a ward. That same year Gordon arranged for Benga to be cared for in Virginia, where he paid for him to acquire American clothes and to have his teeth capped , so the young man could be more readily accepted in local society. Benga was tutored in English and began to work. Several years later, the outbreak of World War I stopped ship passenger travel and prevented his returning to Africa. This, as well as the poor treatment he was subjected to for most of his life, caused Benga to fall into a depression . He committed suicide in 1916 at the age of 32. [3]

You'll find new and exciting ways for your child to learn in Happy Hollow zoo education classes. Classes are designed for  ages 5-6  and are taught by trained zoo educators. Several live animals will make an appearance, helping to enhance the learning experience. Classes will also visit the zoo and focus on animals related to class topics.

Zoo Tribe, The - The Zoo Tribe EPZoo Tribe, The - The Zoo Tribe EPZoo Tribe, The - The Zoo Tribe EPZoo Tribe, The - The Zoo Tribe EP